read: /’soo-sko-she/

Timeless. Transitional. Unisex.

Susukoshi was founded in 2016 by Eve and Maggie, two passionate mothers who had personally experienced the struggle of finding basic comfortable clothes that could be effortlessly styled and outlived every fashion trend and season.Our goal is to provide something that children would love and mothers everywhere would appreciate. 

The label is deeply inspired by Japanese design and architecture that, in its simplicity, pays attention to details, functionality and quality.  The word 少し sukoshi itself means ‘little’ in Japanese. This word explains our goal to maintain a more humble scale of production, which allows us to carefully handpick the fabrics, colors and all other particulars.

Our designs and collections have evolved but the same foundational elements remain: sustainable, ethical, affordable, organic, unisex, effortless and suitable for all seasons, hence the muted neutral and earthy tones. 

We still have a long and exciting journey ahead of us. Our dream is to keep on working towards a fully organic clothing line without minimizing the importance of quality and endless designs. 

With this label, we do not only create, but we hope to share and to teach the younger generation about the value and importance of being ethical and sustainable. We strongly believe that our little ones deserve the best. 

At the end of the day, Susukoshi was born not to compete but to make a difference in the world of the little ones.


Much love,

Eve & Maggie