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Article: Baby Swaddling: What are the benefits of baby swaddling?

baby swaddling

Baby Swaddling: What are the benefits of baby swaddling?

As a new mum or experience mum, some of us might wonder about the benefits of baby swaddling.

We did a small interview with Leanne Tibben about how swaddling has helped in her motherhood journey. We chose Leanne, as we fell in love with her twins when she tagged our swaddles on Instagram (beautiful!). We also love Leanne as her feed is all about natural lifestyle that is much needed for all of us as a mother. She is a mama with older kids and her 2 new additions (twins). Let's read further...

Q: What is your best advice as a twin mumma?

A: Look after yourself mumma! Discover a few things that fill your cup, figure out how to work this in every day and prioritise them! Twins are double output so you truly need to put your mental health first as that cup gets emptied rather quickly! For me it’s a walk in the sunshine and taking a few moments to apply my essential oils. (Hello frankincense & stress away) Both of these bring me back to my best self.

Q: Why do you think swaddling is important and what do you think about the stretch swaddles?

A: To me swaddling is all about recreating that cosy & safe feeling of being in the womb and It’s  a really simple & wonderful sleep cue. We swaddle the boys up just before a nap and take them out right after. Personally I love a stretchy wrap as I feel you have so much more control over the tightness of the wrap. You can get a really snug fit without it being too tight. I really love the Susukoshi wraps as they are buttery soft and just the right amount of stretch. 

Q: Why do you choose Susukoshi as part of your baby journey & does natural colour calm the mind?

A: My bestie introduced me to Susukoshi when she gifted me 2 stretchy wraps for the twins. I’ve tried many over the years and I straight away fell in love with these, so much so I bought 2 more straight away! I LOVE supporting a small scale conscious brand and i’m a big believer in buying less and making those purchases really special. It’s amazing how much more enjoyment you get from your things this way, and of course, sooo much better for our environment!

Ok let’s talk about the swaddle fabrics for a sec.

I’m a natural fibres & neutral tones girl through & through.  And goodness me these are all that & more! It brings me that little bit of extra joy for all the wrapping & snuggling we do in this precious & blurry  newborn season. 

Message from Leanne:
Thanks for reading! If you’d like a raw & honest account of motherhood with  newborn twins & their two big sisters you can find us on Instagram @burnt_country_botanics. I’m all about helping women find a little bit of calm within the chaos of mum life & create a natural lifestyle at home with simple low tox solutions. 

baby swaddling susukoshi

We also love baby swaddling, this is the reason why we created susukoshi swaddle; it has the good amount of stretch, the natural fibers and colors. This is what we couldn't find on the market when we had our babies.

One of the important things to remember when you are swaddling are babies body temperature, we say follow your mother instict. You can layer them with another under clothing or no, depending on the weather. There is no correct or wrong way to do this, motherhood is a journey, you will find something that suits you both :)

We thank you for having a read at our very first blog "Just For Mama". We hope you enjoy this simple post and this help you a little to get an insight about baby swaddling and will help you with your swaddling journey.
Until next time mama...

susukoshi swaddle

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