Nappy Change Mat: What is it and why new mums need it?

susukoshi portable nappy change mat Ever look for our nappy change mat? They are seriously one of the most practical thing for mums. Here are the list why we think they are the bomb ☺️
  • They have waterproof coating on the outside
  • They are also waterproof on the inside, vegan friendly as they are made of faux leather
  • They are padded, and size are generous
  • Easy to fold to put at home and on the go
  • Outer fabric layer is organic cotton speckled, our most fave fabric ever!
  • Not to mention they come with a pouch for your wet tissue, and the inside pocket is perfect for nappies and nappy balm too
We kinda smitten of them, and let's see them in action here ☺️
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nappy change mat portable

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