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 susukoshi represents a business that was born from personal needs. Since the beginning, susukoshi’s vision has always been primarily focused in organic cotton, and in this most recent year, we have discovered an unprecedented pristine organic cotton that susukoshi has been searching for.

Organic Cotton::

What Is Organic Cotton?

The farming system relies on natural inputs only. No synthetically produced pesticides or fertilizers are used. in favor of crop rotation, which increases the organic matter in the soil. Weeds are removed and controlled by hand and by hoeing. Pest control is achieved by bringing in natural predators, using beneficial insects and certain trap crops which lure insects away.

Why Organic Cotton?

-       Organic Cotton is safer
-       Organic Cotton is better for the environment

While growing organic cotton does not use less water than conventional cotton, it does not use more. Most organic cotton is rain-fed and not irrigated. They rotate crops to maintain the soil nutrients and ability to hold water in.

Fair Trade::

We have demonstrated dedication to our supply chains over the years through continuous improvement in quality, environmental improvement, and living conditions. We also ensure that every one of our supply members receives fair wages and working conditions which promote a happier work-environment which in turn stimulates growth in employee production levels.

Moving onwards, we promised to always use organic cotton alongside with finest cotton, eco sustainable material, natural low-impact dyes, eco or recycled packaging, and will continue to evolve and act our best to minimise our footprint towards our nature.